Is Bumble used in Germany?

Which dating app is used in Germany?

Here are our top picks for the best dating app in Germany.

  1. Tinder. Source: Tinder. …
  2. Lovoo. Source: Lovoo. …
  3. Badoo. Source: Badoo. …
  4. OkCupid. Source: OkCupid. …
  5. Once. Source: Once. …
  6. Bumble. Source: Bumble. …
  7. Happn. Source: Happn. …
  8. Candidate. Source: Candidate.

Do people in Europe use Bumble?

Bumble surveyed members of our community in the UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, and the Netherlands to find out. Among the most interesting results: … 90% of women in the Netherlands are happy to do so, and – perhaps surprisingly – it’s the French (70%) who are least comfortable sharing their wants.

Which countries use Bumble?

Following the Singapore launch of Bumble Bizz (the app’s networking option), both women will travel to countries such as Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, Japan and more.

Is Bumble an international dating app?

Bumble may be known for their dating service here in the U.S., but they also have Bumble Travel so you can go on a date anywhere around the world.

Which chat app is most used in Germany?

This statistic presents the most used communication and messaging apps in the Google Play Store in Germany as of October 2020, ranked by daily active users (DAU). The number one app by DAU was WhatsApp Messenger with approximately 6.1 million android devices using the service daily.

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Is Bumble popular in other countries?

American-based app Bumble, meanwhile, was third-most popular on the dating scene in terms of app store ranking. Just two per cent of countries had it as their highest ranked dating app despite a user base of approximately 42m.

What dating app is popular in Europe?

Tinder was the most downloaded dating app in Europe for March 2020 with close to 1.64 million installs, which represented a 4 percent increase from March 2019.

Is Bumble popular in France?

If you’re forever catching the eye of attractive strangers but never able to spark up that first conversation, this is the app for you. Other popular dating sites in France include AdopteUnMec, Bumble, Meetic, and OkCupid.

Why is bumble not available in my country?

If you plan on using Bumble on Android or iOS devices, you must install the VPN prior to downloading the app. The reason why we recommend this course of action is that Bumble might not be available on the Play Store or App Store from unsupported locations.

Is Bumble used in Italy?

Bumble – We’ve officially landed in Italy!