Is a small piece of the Berlin Wall worth anything?

Is it illegal to own a piece of the Berlin Wall?

No one is allowed to take or buy any pieces of the remaining Berlin Wall. The reasoning behind this fact is that the remnants of the wall have become invaluable because of its historical significance. The Berlin Wall represented governmental control and separated Eastern and Western Germany from one another.

How much does part of the Berlin wall cost?

Begun in 1975 and completed about 1980, it was constructed from 45,000 separate sections of reinforced concrete, each 3.6 metres (12 ft) high and 1.2 metres (3.9 ft) wide, and cost DDM16,155,000 or about US$3,638,000.

Are pieces of the Berlin Wall for sale real?

YOU CAN OWN A REAL PIECE OF THE BERLIN WALL. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. You will receive one small unique piece of the Berlin Wall randomly selected from our inventory.

How do you buy the Berlin Wall?

You have a chance to purchase a rare segment of the Berlin Wall from Checkpoint Charlie. The precious fragments of masonry are from the inventory of the Wall Museum – Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie.

How many pieces of the Berlin Wall are there?

Of the 54,000 concrete slabs that once made up the western side of Berlin Wall, hundreds of these segments, often in pairs or groups, have made their way to far-flung locales.

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What happened to the pieces of the Berlin Wall?

What happened to the rest of it? Large sections of the wall were crushed up and used for the building of motorways. Later, slabs of it were used in the building of homes. Sections still come up for sale at auction houses, with two pieces selling for well above the expected price of £17,000 in Sussex in March.