How to use like in german?

How do you express likes in German?

I like the room. You could always just use the verb mögen to express likes and dislikes, but another common way of saying that you like (doing) something is macht spaß.

German Likes and Dislikes.

Ich habe Fussball gern. I like soccer.
Ich habe das Restaurant nicht gern. I don’t like the restaurant.

How do I use Schmeckt?

If it’s just one thing you like, you have to use the 3rd person singular (schmeckt) and if it’s more than one thing, you have to use the 3rd plural (schmecken). The person who likes the food mentioned is in dative case (mir, dir, ihm, etc.). Examples: Das Essen (subject) schmeckt mir (dative object).

What Mogen means?

: a person of consequence or one who affects authority. See the full definition.

What is the difference between Gefallen and Gefallt?

Gefällt literally translates as ‘like’ in google translate. However ‘gefallen’, which sounds like it could be another case/conjugation/version of the same word means ‘fell’ for example it’s used in the line ‘bist du von Himmel gefallen?’ , meaning ‘did you fall from heaven?’

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How do I use Gefallt Mir?

The concept of Es gefällt mir is It pleases me. where that which pleases is the subject (es – it) and he who is pleased is the object (mir – me). In a sense, this is the “opposite” of the I like it ​concept, where he who is pleased is the subject and that which pleases is the object.

How do you ask someone if they like something?

Ask the person directly if they like you.

  1. You might say something like, “I just wanted to know if you like me as more than a friend,” for example.
  2. If you tell someone that you aren’t into them, they may tell you they only like you as a friend too, even if they have deeper feelings than that.

What’s the difference between Mag and Gern?

“mag” is a conjugation of the verb “mögen” which means “to like smth” as you probably already know. So you use it in the normal SPO-structure: “Ich mag Bananen.” “gern” on the other hand is an adverb and hence used in combination with other verbs to express that you like doing (the action of) that verb.

What does gusta mean in German?

“Gusto” in English

volume_up. Gusto {m} taste. liking.

How do you use Schmecken in a sentence?


  1. Die. Orangen. schmecken. gut. . The oranges taste good. 12 Comments.
  2. Die. Orangen. schmecken. gut. . The oranges taste good. 12 Comments.
  3. Nüsse. schmecken. lecker. . Nuts taste delicious. 16 Comments.

How do you use Gefallen in a sentence?

Gefallen is used to talk about looks and other appearances of people or things. Think of the woman that is sitting at the bar… and your friend says this to you… Die Frau da gefällt mir.

It doesn’t really work for smells or touch.

  1. I like the smell.
  2. Mir gefällt der Geruch.
  3. Ich mag den Geruch / Der Geruch ist schön. ▶
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How do you use dative verbs?

Normally, when a verb has a direct object, that object is used with the accusative case. When the direct object is directed towards another object, that second object is called the indirect object and uses the dative case. Most of the time, the indirect object will be a person. This leads us to the dative verbs.