How many refugees did Germany accept in 2018?

How many refugees does Germany accept?

Germany’s decision to admit one million refugees.

How many refugees did Germany take 2020?

UNHCR monitors the implementation of the Geneva Convention on Refugees in Germany and advocates for improvements in the asylum system in Germany. 122,170 persons have lodged an asylum claim in 2020, compared to 165,938 in 2019. 35% Refugee recognition rate in 2020. The overall protection rate stood at 57%.

How many refugees did Germany take in 2021?

Germany has long been involved with international asylum applications, especially in recent years. The largest number of applications came from Syrian asylum seekers, at 36,108 in 2021.

Number of asylum applicants in Germany in 2021, by country of origin.

Characteristic Number of asylum applicants
Other 13,266

How many refugees does Germany take each year?

Germany refugee statistics for 2018 was 1,063,835.00, a 9.63% increase from 2017.

Germany Refugee Statistics 1960-2021.

Germany Refugee Statistics – Historical Data
Year Refugees Granted Asylum Annual % Change
2018 1,063,835.00 9.63%
2017 970,357.00 44.94%
2016 669,468.00 111.79%

How many refugees did Germany accept in 2018?

In 2018, only 185,000 Syrians applied for asylum in Germany. Despite the heavy drop in applications, deportations nearly doubled to 20,000 a year, marking a shifting sentiment among the German people away from the welcoming culture that brought thousands of Syrians to Germany since 2015.

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How many asylum seekers are there in Germany 2020?

With 102 500 applicants registered in 2020, Germany accounted for 24.6 % of all first-time applicants in the EU. It was followed by Spain (86 400, or 20.7 %), France (81 800, or 19.6 %), ahead of Greece (37 900, or 9.1 %) and Italy (21 200, or 5.1 %).