How many private pools are there in Germany?

How many swimming pools are in Germany?

As shown in the pie chart next to the map, there are approx. 2,300 indoor or combined swimming pools and just as many outdoor swimming pools throughout Germany, each category accounting for around 45% of the total number.

How many private pools are there?

There are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the US. These are either in rented homes or homes that are owned by their residents. In addition, based on the pool and spa industry statistics collected by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), there are 309,000 public swimming pools in the US.

How many private pools are there in Germany?

There were 832 600 private swimming pools in Germany in 2020, including 595 500 outdoor pools, 133 100 indoor pools and 104 000 above-ground pools with a water depth of more than one meter and a purchase price of more than 1,500 euros [BSW].

Is swimming popular in Germany?

In 2020, around 69.46 million people in Germany aged 14 years and older stated to know this sports discipline. Of these, around 5.72 million were very much interested in swimming.

Are indoor pools open in Germany?

As of 15 March 2020, all swimming pools in Germany were gradually closed by order of the authorities. In the declaration of the Federal Government of 15 April, it became obvious that sports facilities and thus also pools will remain closed at least until 4 May.

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Is it safe to swim in German lakes?

With good weather finally upon us, many people are probably thinking longingly of taking a dip in one of Germany’s best outdoor swimming spots. The good news is that the water quality in the federal republic’s lakes and rivers has once again been rated as excellent.

How many private pools are in the US?

Looking in further detail, there are nearly 4.6 million private in-ground pools, 3.5 million private above-ground pools and 270,000 commercial swimming pools. Of the latter, 360,000 pools are categorized as year-round public pools.

How many pools are there in Australia?

There was a little confusion about the data back in 2015, but Roy Morgan clarified it to identify their estimate of total numbers of pools at 920,000. Their new data based on their metric of 2.5 people per household places it at just under 1.1 million pools, closer to the general industry estimate of 1.2 million plus.