How many German troops died in the spring offensive?

How many Germans were killed in the spring offensive?

The Germans had advanced almost 40 miles, inflicted some 200,000 casualties and captured 70,000 prisoners and more than 1,000 Allied guns.

How many people have died in the spring offensive?

The BEF suffered 177,000 casualties (many of them prisoners of war), while the French lost 77,000 men killed, wounded or captured.

How many German soldiers were killed during the Hundred Days offensive?

Total German losses were estimated to be 30,000 men, while the Allies had suffered about 6,500 killed, wounded and missing. The collapse in German morale led Erich Ludendorff to dub it “the Black Day of the German Army”.

What was the objective of the spring offensive in March 1918 quizlet?

What was the objective of the Spring Offensive in March 1918? The German army was to push toward Paris, break the backbone of the French Army, then attack the British forces in the north of France before American troops arrived to reinforce the Allies.

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