How is your day going in German?

How is your day going on in German?

Wie läuft dein Tag? (lit. How is your day going?)

How is your week going in German?

Wie ist Ihr Wochenende? (formal)

What is German for have a good day?

Schönen Tag (noch) / Schönes Wochenende

These are good ways to say bye in German to just about anyone. Schönen Tag noch (the noch is optional, you may hear people say just Schönen Tag) means “Have a good day,” while Schönes Wochenende means “Have a good weekend.”

How is your day going Russian?

To say how was your day? in Russian use the following phrase: – Как прошёл твой день?

How do you answer Wie geht es dir?

How to Respond to “Wie geht’s” You can respond to “Wie geht’s” with just a few words or you can tell your conversation partner all about your day. It is common and even expected to follow up any answer with “und dir/Ihnen?” (what about you?) or with “und selbst?” (and yourself?).

Was Machst du meaning?

German term or phrase: was machst du immer so. English translation: So what have you been doing (lately)?

What does Wie geht es dir?

This is the formal version. Wie geht es dir? (vee geyt ês deer?) (How are you?) This is the informal, singular version. Wie geht’s? (vee geyts?) (How’s it going?) When you know someone really well, you can use this casual question.

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What is Wie Gehts?

: how goes it? : how is it going? — used as a greeting.