How is autumn in Germany?

How cold is it in Germany in autumn?

Average autumn temperature

With an average temperature of 8,3 degrees, autumn in Germany is significantly colder than summer, although temperatures of up to 30 degrees in September are not unheard of.

What is the weather in Germany in the fall?

Germany Weather in October: With fall in full swing, temperatures cool quite a bit. The afternoon high plunges all the way to 13°C, although it can be a wonderful time to be in Germany. There are usually lots of crisp, sunny days with little rain, an average of 36mm over 12 days now.

Is October cold in Germany?

What’s the weather like in Germany in October? The Germany weather in October is several degrees cooler than the summer as the autumn climate takes over. There’s still some good sunshine to enjoy as you explore the country, but you’ll need a warm layer and perhaps an umbrella.

Is October a good time to visit Germany?

For more settled weather with sunshine and comfortable temperatures, late spring and early autumn – May, September and early October – are the best time to visit. The Germans don’t call the harvest season “goldener Oktober” for nothing.

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What is autumn like in Germany?

The climate of most of Germany is moderate with four distinct seasons. … In September and October, the weather in Germany is still pleasant with golden days ablaze in colorful fall foliage. Germans call these last warm days of the year altweibersommer (Indian summer) and revel in the last, long, light-filled days.

How cold is Germany in November?

November. Overview: There’s still a possibility of warm days in November. But the temperatures drop significantly as winter rages into late November. Average low temperatures for the month hover around 1ºC (34ºF), and average highs drop to a chilly 8ºC (47ºF).

What is the weather in Germany during October?

October, like September, is another mild autumn month in Berlin, Germany, with average temperature ranging between min 7.3°C (45.1°F) and max 13.9°C (57°F).

What should I pack for Germany in October?

Germany Travel Packing List

  • 1 dress/elegant shirt.
  • 1 cardigan/sweater.
  • 1 lightweight jacket.
  • 1 pair of dark wash jeans.
  • 1 pair of trousers/capris.
  • 1 pair of shorts.
  • 1 pair of long underwear/wool leggings.
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes.

Is Berlin cold in October?

The temperatures in Berlin in October are quite cold with temperatures between 7°C and 14°C. … Our weather forecast can give you a great sense of what weather to expect in Berlin in October 2021.