How do you use so wie in German?

How do you use Wie in German?

Though both wie and als are used when comparing two items or people, remember that:

  1. Wie is used solely when both things compared are equal.
  2. Als is used only when the items compared are unequal.

Can you start a sentence with Sondern?

So sentences with “sondern” present a positive alternative to the previous clause. However, “sondern” can only be used if the two clauses are logically connected- by using the same verb or a similar one. e.g. Ich fahre nicht gern mit meinem Auto in Urlaub, sondern ich fliege lieber.

Is Wie a subordinating conjunction in German?

While you are in Berlin, Hans will call you. (während is a subordinating conjunction, and the subordinating clause occupies the first position of the sentence, so the second position must be occupied by the verb of the main clause, wird.)

Why Germans use Wie instead of was?

“Wie” means how and “was” means what. In general, you can translate them that way, but as you noticed, there are some special cases that you learn best by comming across them and looking them up. Translating “what is your name” would literally result in “was ist dein Name”.

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What does Wie mean?

With Immediate Effect (FAA) WIE. Winning Is Everything. WIE.

How do you use Sondern in a sentence?

I don’t go by car but (rather) by bike.

  1. Ich trinke meinen Kaffee nicht mit Zucker sondern mit Honig.
  2. I don’t drink my coffee with sugar but with honey instead.
  3. Ich habe nicht nur mein Zimmer aufgeräumt sondern auch die Küche und das Bad.
  4. Not only did I clean my room but also the kitchen and the bathroom.

Is Sondern a verb kicker?

The verb gets “kicked” to the end of the clause, so subordinating conjunctions are sometimes called verb kickers. In the previous class, students reviewed coordinating conjunctions (und, oder, aber, denn, and sondern) and also recorded the meaning of some of the most common subordinating conjunctions (there are lots!).

Does Sondern change word order?

The “normal” word order, as we expect it to be, is Subject Verb Object. Ich werfe den Ball. Coordinating conjunctions have no effect on word order: und, denn, sondern, aber, and oder.

What are the German conjunctions?

Coordinating conjunctions

  • aber – but.
  • denn – as, since (in the sense of because)
  • oder – or.
  • sondern – but (in a contradiction)
  • und – and.

How do you use a conjunction?

With coordinating conjunctions, use a comma unless both clauses are very short. For example, “and” is sometimes used to join two words or ideas rather than two clauses; for example, “She and I went to the store” – no commas are needed in this case. (University of Victoria English Language Centre, 2021).

What is the difference between Weil and Denn?

Denn and weil are both words that mean ‘because. ‘ They are synonyms that can be used interchangeably. … While denn does not affect the word order of the sentence, weil sends the conjugated verb to the end of the clause.

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