How do I report a stolen bike in Berlin?

How do I report my bike stolen in Germany?

Go to the nearest police station and give notice (OR ONLINE)

You will need to provide as many details as possible related to your (ex) bike (brand, color, type of lock, place and time of the theft, and the frame number).

How do I report a theft in Berlin?

The Berlin Police online tool allows you to report the loss or theft of your passport and other personal belongings: We recommend that you visit a police station in person to report any crime other than the loss of your personal belongings.

Do bikes get stolen in Berlin?

Police and GDV statistics show that the majority of bikes are stolen in the port cities of Hamburg and Bremen, and in the eastern states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony. However, not many are recovered in Germany. According to the police, only 10% of bike thefts in Germany in 2020 were resolved.

How do I report a stolen bike in Berlin?

What to do if your bike gets stolen. Report the theft to the Berlin police. You can do it online. If your bicycle is found again, they will let you know.

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Do bikes get stolen in Germany?

Stealing bicycles is big business in Germany, with more than 300,000 vanishing last year. … A total of 317,000 bicycles were reported stolen in 2013 in Germany of which only 9.6 percent were recovered, according to police statistics. Many more bikes are also stolen but are not reported.

How do I contact the police in Germany?

Police in Germany

You can contact the police in an emergency by calling 110 from any phone. This emergency number routes you to the nearest police station in Germany. If you want to contact the police outside of an emergency (for example, to report a minor crime), call 0800 6 888 000.

How do I contact the German police border?

How to contact the German police. In cases of emergency, you can contact the police by calling 110. The helpline operators, as well as many police officers, can usually speak English.

What do I do if I found a bike?

Let the call-taker know that you found a bike and would like to turn it in. The call-taker will probably set up a “found property” call for an officer to come and get the bike from you.

What happens if you buy a stolen bike?

If you buy a stolen bike, then be prepared to lose the bike and your money. … The general rule is that it remains the property of the original owner and the police can take the motorcycle from you to return it to the original owner or the insurance company if the owner has been paid out.

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