How do I get the German B on my keyboard?

How do I get the German B on my laptop?

By typing out the new “DE” keyboard, you’ll discover that you now type an ß by hitting the hyphen (-) key. You can make your own symbol key: ä = ; / Ä = ” — and so on. Some people even write the German symbols on the appropriate keys.

Where is ß on the phone keyboard?

To type ß, you’ll need to hold down the s key, then it’ll pop up, same for ü under u, Å under A, etc.

How do I add German to my keyboard?

Use a German Keyboard on your Android Device

  1. Go to Settings > Language & Input.
  2. At the bottom you can find a list of all keyboards currently installed on your device.
  3. Select the keyboard to add languages.

Where is ß on the German keyboard?

For example, to type ä, press Alt + A ; to type ß, press Alt + S . Stop the mouse over each button to learn its keyboard shortcut. Shift + click a button to insert its upper-case form.

How do I type German B on my iPhone keyboard?

The iPhone’s German keyboard has umlauted letters but doesn’t contain other symbols, such as the ß. You can create this symbol on the keyboard by typing S twice, holding down on the second S and then selecting the ß from the symbol list.

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How do I get German letters on my Android keyboard?

Add a language on Gboard through Android settings

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app.
  2. Tap System. Languages & input.
  3. Under “Keyboards,” tap Virtual keyboard.
  4. Tap Gboard. Languages.
  5. Pick a language.
  6. Turn on the layout you want to use.
  7. Tap Done.

How do you type an umlaut on an Android phone?

Umlauts on an iOS or Android device

Either in the notes app or any app that uses the virtual keyboard, press the key for the vowel you want and hold it until the pop-up options menu appears. Slide your finger over to select the umlaut you need. This process is the same on both iOS and Android devices.

What is this symbol ß?

The letter ß (also known as sharp S, German: Eszett or scharfes S) is a letter in the German alphabet. It is the only German letter that is not part of the basic Latin alphabet. The letter is pronounced [s] (like the “s” in “see”) and is not used in any other language.

Why does eszett look like ab?

Why Does ß Mean “Double S” in German? In German, the letter ß is known as the eszett or scharfes (sharp) S. It’s a special character, similar to the German umlaut you’re probably used to seeing by now. But unlike those two dots above a, o or u, the eszett is written as a capital B-shaped character with a tail: ß.