How do I bring a relative to Germany?

What documents do I need to invite someone to Germany?

The required documents for a Schengen Tourist / Visitor Visa to Germany are as follows:

  • Application form completed in English or German. …
  • Declaration of Accuracy of Information.
  • Passport size photographs. …
  • Valid national passport. …
  • Personal bank statements for the last three months.
  • Schengen Travel Insurance.

How do you sponsor someone in Germany?

Which are the Requirements to Apply for a Formal Obligation Letter for a German Visa?

  1. Duly filled-out “Angaben zur Verpflichtungserklärung” Form.
  2. Their valid passport. …
  3. Your valid national passport (Copy).
  4. Proof that the host is a legal resident in Germany. …
  5. Proof that your host has sufficient incomes or savings.

How do I get a German family visa?

The specific documents required to apply for a family reunion visa for minors are:

  1. Passport copies of both parents.
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. Proof of adoption (if applicable).
  4. Custody decree (if parents are divorced).
  5. Death certificate of parent (if one of the parents has passed away).
  6. Letter of consent from parents.
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How long does it take to get German family reunion visa?

The processing can take up to 12 weeks. As soon as the application has been approved by the German authority, the Embassy/Consulate will issue a national visa for the first 90 days of the intended stay.

How do I invite my fiance to Germany?

To be allowed to enter Germany, unmarried couples must produce the following documents:

  1. an invitation from the partner who lives in Germany.
  2. a declaration of the existence of the relationship, signed by both partners.
  3. and proof of previous visits in the form of passport stamps, travel documents or airline tickets.

How do I invite a family member to Germany?


  1. Following info about the family member, you want to invite to get.
  2. Filled form. …
  3. Your own passport.
  4. Residence permit.
  5. German House Rent agreement: Your flat area should be sufficient to accommodate guests. …
  6. Last 6 months Salary slips to prove that you can sponsor their visit. …
  7. Bank statements of last 6 months.

Can my cousin sponsor me to live in Germany?

German citizens or citizens from non-EU countries who have a Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit) or a Niederlassungserlaubnis (settlement permit) are allowed to bring their relatives to Germany. … To enter Germany, the relatives require a visa; to continue to stay, they require a residence permit.

What happens when you marry a German citizen?

German citizenship after marriage

If you marry a German citizen, you are not automatically entitled to German citizenship. However, spouses of German citizens are permitted to apply for citizenship by naturalisation much sooner than others: usually after two years of marriage.

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Can EU citizen bring non-EU spouse to Germany?

If your spouse is a citizen of a non-EU country

Even if your partner is a national of a non-EU country, you can look forward to living together in Germany. … Right of residence: As an employee, you have a temporary or permanent residence permit or an EU Blue Card for Germany.

Can we bring parents to Germany permanently?

Can I Bring my Parents to Germany Permanently? There is no German visa requirement for EU citizens who wish to bring their parents to Germany. … Short-term visas such as the Business Visa or Schengen Visa is not as accommodating for family reunification.

Can my parents visit me in Germany during Covid?

Additionally, persons entering Germany following a stay in a high-risk area (but not an area of variant of concern) are exempt from this requirement for stays of less than 72 hours to visit close relatives (parents, children), spouses and partners who do not belong to the same household, or for the purpose of shared …

What is dependent visa for Germany?

The foreign nationals wish to take their families in Germany for a family reunion. This immigration may for living in Germany for a short period, or Permanent Residence. The applicant can opt for the permit for immediate family members to immigrate with them.