How can a nurse move to Germany?

How can a nurse get a job in Germany?

Nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses

  1. Your qualifications must be recognized in Germany.
  2. You must have a German language certificate of level B1 or B2.
  3. All your certificates must be translated into German and notarized.
  4. You must hold a degree of GNM/B.Sc or Post B.SC Nurses with at least one year experience.

Is it worth it to work in Germany as a nurse?

Qualified nurses can benefit from excellent German social security and employee benefits. German government cares about workers very well since they pay taxes. Thanks to the working population, the country can afford to support people who aren’t employed whatever reason is a disability, illness or retirement.

Are nurses hiring in Germany?

To fill up the country’s growing need for healthcare workers, Germany has opened again its Triple Win Program to hire Filipino nurses. Just like the previous Triple Win Programs, the hiring will be through government to government arrangement.

How much is the salary of Filipino nurses in Germany?

The Filipino Nurse that will be hired will receive a starting gross salary of 1,900 Euro or Php 115,000 per month. After being recognized as a qualified nurse the monthly gross salary will increase to 2300 Euro or Php139,000.

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What is the best country for nurses to work?

The best countries for a career in Nursing

  • New Zealand. The New Zealand healthcare system is split between state funded and private care, with nursing opportunities available in both. …
  • Australia. …
  • Denmark. …
  • United States of America.

Do nurses make good money in Germany?

On average nurses in Germany earn an annual gross salary of 33,000 EUR and between 2,800 EUR and 2,900 EUR monthly. The salary depends on the region, experience, qualifications, working time (night shifts are paid better). … But overall the job paid well and it grows with years of experience and expertise.

Does Germany need foreign nurses?

There is an unbroken demand of foreign nurses to work in Germany. According to our forecast this will even increase. Foreign nurses and male nurses are expected to have excellent job opportunities in the upcoming years.

Is UK or Germany better for nurses?

Nurses in the UK receive on average higher salaries than in Germany. The average ranges from £22,128 to £28,746 (25,373 EUR – 32,961 EUR), and £35,000 – £45,000 for senior nurses, when the very common annual salary for German nurses is 27,600 EUR with an increase to 42,000 EUR for senior professionals.

Why does Germany need nursing?

The shrinking and aging German population induces an increasing demand for health care professionals which cannot be met by the local labor market, but requires health care institutions to hire nurses from abroad to work in German hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly.

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How can I apply for POEA in Germany?

Applicants should first register online at or at and personally submit the following documents at the counters of Manpower Registry Division, Ground Floor, Blas F. Ople Bldg.

Is Germany good for Filipino nurses?

Filipino nurses have excellent chances of a career in Germany. In order to work in Germany, nurses must get their degree recognized and have German language skills of level B2 as a minimum. Many recruiting agencies and the German government itself is ready to help qualified Filippo nurses to find employers in Germany.