Frequent question: Which countries flew supplies into West Berlin?

How did West Berlin receive supplies?

The only way to get food into West Berlin was by air. As the population began to go hungry, the Western powers started flying supplies into the city around the clock. They even dropped chocolate over the city – in tiny individual parachutes.

Which country was responsible for cutting off supplies to West Berlin?

In June 1948 the Soviet Union, whose territory fully surrounded the capital, cut off all ground traffic into and out of West Berlin in an attempt to force the Allies to abandon the city. The blockade of Berlin had begun. President Truman suddenly faced a crisis.

Why did the US send supplies to West Berlin?

In response to the Soviet blockade of land routes into West Berlin, the United States begins a massive airlift of food, water, and medicine to the citizens of the besieged city. … The Soviet action was in response to the refusal of American and British officials to allow Russia more say in the economic future of Germany.

How did East Berlin get supplies?

Even during the Berlin Blockade of 1948, supplies could be brought in by air – the famous Berlin Airlift – and Allied military convoys could pass through East Germany en route to Berlin. The border could be crossed legally only through a limited number of air, road, rail and river routes.

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Who was involved in the Berlin airlift?

At the end of the Second World War, U.S., British, and Soviet military forces divided and occupied Germany.

Why did East Berliners go to West Berlin?

For East Germans dissatisfied with life under the communist system, West Berlin was a gateway to the democratic West. Between 1949 and 1961, some 2.5 million East Germans fled from East to West Germany, most via West Berlin.

What caused Berlin Blockade?

The main cause of the Berlin Blockade was the Cold War, which was just getting started. Stalin was taking over eastern Europe by salami tactics and Czechoslovakia had just turned Communist (March 1948). … Stalin wanted to destroy Germany, and the USSR had been stripping East Germany of its wealth and machinery.