Frequent question: What were two terms of the Treaty of Frankfurt that made France angry at Germany?

Which reason did France lose in Frankfurt treaty?

Answer: The French provinces of Alsace (excluding Belfort) and Lorraine. The treaty forced the French to pay an indemnity of 5 billion francs.

What was the treaty between Germany and France?

Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Peace between the Allied and Associated Powers and Germany
Cover of the English version
Signed 28 June 1919
Location Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, Paris, France
Effective 10 January 1920

What was the cause of the Franco German rivalry?

Prussia’s defeat of Austria in the Seven Weeks’s War in 1866 had confirmed Prussian leadership of the German states and threatened France’s position as the dominant power in Europe. The rising power of Germany was one of the major reasons of Franco- German rivalry.

Which regions did France lose in Frankfurt treaty?

By the terms of the final treaty, signed on May 10, 1871, at Frankfurt am Main, Germany annexed the French provinces of Alsace (excluding Belfort) and Lorraine; the French were also ordered to pay an indemnity of five billion francs.

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What land did France lose in the Franco-Prussian War?

After the Franco-Prussian War, France was compelled to cede Alsace-Lorraine to the new German empire.

What was France’s attitude towards Germany?

He believed that Germany should be punished, but they shouldn’t be punished harshly. If Germany were severely punished by the Treaty, then one day they will recover and seek revenge. He feels this way because none of the fighting took place in America, so they weren’t as affected by the war as France was.

What ended the rivalry between France and Germany after the world wars?

On 22nd January 1963, the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and the French President Charles de Gaulle signed what was called the Élysée Treaty. This treaty definitively sealed their friendship and established the bases for cooperation between the two countries.

What did France get from the Treaty of Versailles?

France gained a lot from the Treaty of Versailles. Alsace and Lorriaine were returned by Germany to them. France was compensated for the destruction of its coal mines by Germany in 1918.

Why did Treaty of Versailles fail?

It was doomed from the start, and another war was practically certain.” 8 The principle reasons for the failure of the Treaty of Versailles to establish a long-term peace include the following: 1) the Allies disagreed on how best to treat Germany; 2) Germany refused to accept the terms of reparations; and 3) Germany’s …