Frequent question: What are German coins?

What are old German coins called?

pfennige (help·info); symbol Pf. or ₰) or penny is a former German coin or note, which was the official currency from the 9th century until the introduction of the euro in 2002.

What are German coins worth?

Hitparade of the most valuable Pfennig Coins

Place 11 1 Pfennig 1948 J Value: about 50 EURO in condition uncirculated
Place 3 2 Pfennig 1967 G Copper on steel. The coin is magnetic! Value: about 3000 EURO
Place 2 2 Pfennig 1969 J Copper without steel. The coin is not magnetic! Value: about 4000 EURO

What is Deutsche coin?

Deutsche Mark coins were issued by the Deutsche Bundesbank, the German central. They became obsolete in 2002, when Germany adopted the Euro as its national currency. We continue to exchange pre-euro D-Mark and Pfennig coins . The Pfennig is a subunit of the Deutschmark: 1 Mark is equal to 100 Pfennig.

How much is a 1937 German coin worth?

My collection

1937 A $ 1.16
1937 E $ 1.24
1937 F $ 1.42
1937 G $ 1.56
1937 J $ 1.22
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