Do Germans put ice in their drinks?

Why don t Europeans use ice in their drinks?

Most of Europe is a lot cooler than most of the US. There is less need to cool your drink because people are not as hot, nor will the hot weather heat up your drink as fast. A European writes: Too much ice in a drink makes it watery and weak, and too cold.

Why do other countries not put ice in drinks?

The theory is that they cause you to sweat, which cools you down, while your body will have to work harder to warm a cold drink to your internal temperature, thereby making you even hotter.

Is putting ice in drinks an American thing?

Ice in drinks is not a thing outside of the United States. Unlike in American restaurants, where waters and sodas are typically served in glasses full of ice, such a practice is considered strange in much of the rest of the world. When the water outside is frozen there is no need for icy drinks.

Why is it bad to put ice in drinks?

Ice can be a nice addition to a beverage, but it also can be contaminated with microorganisms, even before it’s turned into ice. … In addition to the hazard of making ice from contaminated water, ice and lemons can pick up bacteria from various surfaces, including ice makers, cutting boards, hands or utensils.

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Why don’t they use ice in Italy?

Ice in Italy is to keep fresh fish fresh. Full stop. The most common reason Florentines (including Francesca) give me for the rule is that icy cold liquids are bad for your digestion. They can even cause the dreaded congestione – an abdominal cramp – that can kill you.

Why is there no ice in Italy?

It is not generally available, as Italians do not drink iced water with their meals. Instead, they have a chilled mineral water, with no ice. If you go to a restaurant that aims entirely for tourists (or a McDonalds), you might get ice but the food at such restaurants is usually not good.

Does the UK use ice?

But even when artificial refrigeration became commonplace, ice still never became ubiquitous in Britain. … We don’t have scorching summers like they do in America, or indeed Egypt, so for British people, ice is still not an essential.

Do they use ice in Italy?

It may be a typical Italian dish in the United States, but it is not served anywhere in Italy! … Italians never put ice in their drinks, and it can be impossible to find. When you go to a restaurant, it may surprise you when you are given water or coke without it!

Do Canadians use ice?

Ice Cubes. Canadians are puzzled by the lukewarm water and drinks presented to them in Europe. Europeans, on the other hand, can’t figure out why drinks in Canada are served full of ice, and the glasses are empty after a few sips. So, if you want to be a real tourist, ask for drinks with No Ice.

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Are ice cubes in drinks bad for you?

Many people who want to cool down or feel refreshed chew on ice or add it to a drink. Sucking on ice cubes can also help relieve dry mouth. However, continually consuming ice, freezer frost, or iced drinks can indicate an underlying condition that needs medical attention. It can also damage the teeth.

Should you put ice in drinks?

Good ice can make or break a cocktail. (Photo: Hundred Weight Ice.) In the modern cocktail, ice is arguably the most important ingredient. That may seem like an odd statement, but there are just a rare few mixed drinks that don’t require ice in one form or another.

What does ice do to a drink?

Ice does more than keep our drinks chilled. As it melts, it becomes part of the mix. A properly prepared ice can make or break a drink. Ice is as important as freshly-squeezed fruit juices and quality liquors in any cocktail—it therefore deserves the attention it’s not getting.