Do Borussia Dortmund play you’ll never walk alone?

When did Borussia Dortmund start singing You’ll never walk alone?

Why do Dortmund sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’?

Though Liverpool fans’ relationship with the song stems from local band Gerry and the Pacemakers covering the original version (originally by Rogers & Hammerstein) back in the 1960s, Dortmund’s connection only arose in the mid-’90s.

Why do Celtic fans sing You’ll never walk alone?

“I remember being at Anfield and before every kick off they used to play the top 10 from number 10 to number one, and so You’ll Never Walk Alone was played before the match. I was at the game and the fans started singing it.

Who sang the original You’ll never walk alone?

What do Dortmund fans chant?

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at Borussia Dortmund | Borussia Dortmund | Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund shared the 2016 FIFA Fan Award with Liverpool FC for their rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in the quarter-finals of the 2015/16 UEFA Europa League.

Did Celtic sing you’ll never walk alone first?

The song was adopted by Scottish team Celtic after a 1966 Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final against Liverpool at Anfield, and is now sung by Celtic fans prior to every home European tie, and later by Germany’s Borussia Dortmund, which Liverpool went on to play in the cup final.

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Why do Celtic fans sing Fields of Athenry?

During the Great Famine in Ireland during the 1840s, 100,000 Irish famine victims emigrated to Glasgow. … St John began by thanking Glasgow for looking after the famine victims, and then began to sing “Fields of Athenry”, accompanied by thousands of fans.