Did Germany have to return land to France?

What did Germany have to return to France?

In the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, the victorious powers (the United States, Great Britain, France, and other allied states) imposed punitive territorial, military, and economic provisions on defeated Germany. In the west, Germany returned Alsace-Lorraine to France. … Outside Europe, Germany lost all its colonies.

What countries did Germany lose land to?

Loss of territory in Europe

In Europe, Germany seceded territory to seven countries in total, including Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and Poland, none of which existed as independent states before the First World War.

Which area was given to France under the Treaty?

By the terms of the treaty, France renounced to Britain all the mainland of North America east of the Mississippi, excluding New Orleans and environs; the West Indian islands of Grenada, Saint Vincent, Dominica, and Tobago; and all French conquests made since 1749 in India or in the East Indies.

What were three things Germany was required to do as a result of the Treaty that ended ww1?

The treaty forced Germany to disarm, to make territorial concessions, and to pay reparations to the Allied powers in the staggering amount of $5 billion.

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What effect did Article 119 have on Germany?

What effect did Article 119 have on Germany? Article 119, Germany renounces in favor of the Principal Allied and Associated Powers all her rights and titles over her overseas possessions.

What was the consequence of Germany having to accept this article?

What was the consequence of Germany having to accept this article? Germany would have to pay war reparations. Adolf Hitler wrote these words in 1923, years before he came to power in Germany.

Why did Germany lose so much land?

Due to significant nazi elements in Sudeten German society prior to the Munich agreement (which had seen the annexation of the sudeten region), they were effectively seen as having collaborated with the nazis, and sentenced to collective expulsions. These losses of territory were the most major.