Did a dam burst in Germany?

Has the dam burst in Germany?

Dam breaks in German state hit by severe flooding

A dam along the river Rur in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia broke Friday night, according to the regional government. Officials have started the evacuation of about 700 residents in the Ophoven neighborhood of the city of Wassenberg.

What caused the floods in Germany?

Burning fossil fuels made the extreme summer rain in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands more probable and powerful, a rapid attribution study has found. Scientists have shown that the deadly floods that devastated northern Europe in July would have been less likely in a world without climate change.

How many floods disappeared in Germany?

Another 764 people have been injured, and 155 people are still recorded as missing. In the wine-growing Ahr valley and regions in neighbouring North-Rhine Westphalia approximately 40,000 people are believed to have been affected by the floods.

Where in Germany floods happened?

Regions in western Germany have been most severely affected: in Rhineland-Palatinate, the south of North Rhine-Westphalia, and parts of Bavaria. The floodwaters destroyed highways, houses and whole communities. The floods have receded, leaving behind thick mud and tons of rubble.

How many died in German floods 2021?

2021 European floods

Flood and damage in Tilff, Belgium on 16 July
Date 12–25 July 2021
Deaths 242 196 in Germany 42 in Belgium 2 in Romania 1 in Italy 1 in Austria
Missing 1 in Belgium
Property damage >€10 billion (2021 Euro) >$11.8 billion (2021 USD) 200,000 properties left without power
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