Can I go to school in Berlin?

Is schooling free in Berlin?

College education in Germany is free. … In 2014, the Government approved a decision to abolish international fees in all public colleges. Although in some constituent German states, international tuition fees are re-introduced the cost of studying in Germany remains much lower than elsewhere.

Can I study in Berlin?

If you want to study in Berlin, you can choose from hundreds of Bachelor and Master programs at almost 40 universities and colleges. The three largest universities are the Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin and the Technical University of Berlin. Each of them have slightly over 30,000 students.

Who can attend school in Germany?

Compulsory education in Germany dictates that all students from the age of six to 15 years old need to attend school consistently. However, students usually stay in school until 18 years of age.

Can anyone go to high school in Germany?

Once your children are six years old, they are required to go to school, since school attendance is compulsory in Germany. Most German schools are run by the state and there is no charge for your children to attend. In addition, of course, there are private and international schools, which charge fees.

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Is school education in Germany free?

In 2014, Germany’s 16 states abolished tuition fees for undergraduate students at all public German universities. This means that currently both domestic and international undergraduates at public universities in Germany can study for free, with just a small fee to cover administration and other costs per semester.

Is basic education free in Germany?

Full-time schooling is compulsory at primary and secondary levels for all children aged 6 to 15. However, German education generally lasts until the age of 18. The state runs most German schools and they are free to attend. However, parents can also opt for one of the many fee-paying private or international schools.

Is it expensive to study in Berlin?

Cost of Living in Berlin

Apartment including the communal costs circles around 300-700 euros, depending on the area for a shared room. … Tuition fees including public transportation, mandatory by every German University will cost you around 250-300 euros per semester.

Is Berlin a good place to study?

Germany is considered the number one choice for many students who want to study abroad. … The degrees from Germany university are also recognised worldwide which makes Berlin one of the best places to study. The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is multicultural and offers countless opportunities for recreation.

Is Berlin good for international students?

The German capital of Berlin is an extremely attractive option for students, especially international students. The vibrant city has something on offer for everyone. … In addition to its countless recreational activities, Berlin is also known for its affordability as compared to other European countries.

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How do you go to school in Germany?

Enroll At Your University.

  1. Find a Study Program. (Start researching at least 3 months before deciding) …
  2. Meet All Requirements. (Two weeks before the application is opened) …
  3. Learn The German Language. …
  4. Find Financial Resources. …
  5. Apply For Admission. …
  6. Get Your German Student Visa. …
  7. Find Accommodation. …
  8. Enroll At Your University.

Is education free in Germany for Indian students?

If the student manages to secure a position in any of the public university, study in Germany is free for Indian students, just like students from other part of the world. Students just have to pay a nominal semester fee (around 250 to 500 Euros) per semester.