Best answer: Why is air conditioning illegal in Berlin?

Why is AC illegal in Germany?

To answer your question about why many Germans feel strongly against air conditioning, there are a few reasons why. The Wall Street Journal quotes a Berlin resident, who explains that “they think it’s a waste of energy, it’s bad for the environment, and people say it makes them sick.”

Are air conditioners illegal in Germany?

For non-administrative areas such as residential housing, the policies allow for air conditioning only in locations where the dry bulb temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer during the warmest six months of the year for 650 hours or more. …

Why don’t they use air conditioning in Europe?

However, the differences in average temperatures are unlikely to be the only reason for Europeans’ reluctance to buy cooling systems. It’s also about cultural differences. … Furthermore, Europeans are generally more used to warmer room temperatures because most of them grew up without any air-conditioning.

Do Berlin apartments have air conditioning?

Most apartments in Berlin (and the rest of Germany) do not have air conditioners. … The temperature in Germany is rarely hot enough to require an air conditioner, even if it’s hot outside.

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Can you get AC in Germany?

Here in Germany, private households generally don’t have an AC either. Office buildings do though, thankfully, as even those sturdy ancient stone monsters do heat up quite a bit. The thing is, while there is an intense heat wave in almost every German summer, most of the time it’s too cold rather than too hot.

Is there no AC in Europe?

Since the 1950s, air conditioning has been hugely popular in the United States, but not in Europe. … Sure, Europe has less air conditioning than the United States. But one thing you must understand is that it is cooler there, a lot less humid, and the houses are better insulated.

How do Germans cool their homes?

Old-fashioned oscillating fans have always been the preferred way for Germans to keep homes and offices cool. Property leases for apartments implore tenants to open their windows several times a day to help regulate temperature.

How can I keep my house cool in Germany?

Tips for staying cool in Germany

  1. Open at night, close in the morning. …
  2. Relocate your sleeping area for now. …
  3. Don’t use appliances you don’t need. …
  4. Hit the water. …
  5. Cool off outside — it’s less stuffy. …
  6. Visit a new destination, and book accommodations with air conditioning. …
  7. Buy a portable air conditioner if you live off base.

Do German hotels have air conditioning?

When Germans set up their futuristic looking intercity-train system (ironically called ICE), they did add air-conditioning to keep passengers cool — as long as outside temperatures don’t soar above 89.6 degrees. … Hotels either don’t offer air conditioning or it doesn’t work.

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Why don t UK homes have air conditioning?

So why are AC units so uncommon in the UK

This is down to a few key factors. Generally, homes within the UK are far older than those in the US. … As well as this, the UK is generally cooler for most of the year. Our climate means at most an air conditioning unit would get up to 3 months of use per year.