Best answer: Is Swiss German like Dutch?

Is Swiss German similar to Dutch?

From the answers, it looks like that somewhat coincidentally, the two languages share a lot of the same phonetics but they’re on opposite sides of the Germanic spectrum.

Are Germans and Swiss the same?

Swiss-German is pretty much just a variation or a dialect of standardized German language. It is the collective name for Alemannic dialects that are spoken in Switzerland. … Swiss German differs from standardized German language in phonology, vocabulary and grammar.

Do Swiss speak Dutch?

There remains a small Romansh-speaking native population in Grisons in the east. The cantons of Fribourg, Bern and Valais are officially bilingual; Grisons is officially trilingual.

Other languages.

Language Dutch
2000 Mother tongue Number 11,840
% 0.2%
2015 Main language Number 22,357
% 0.3%

Can German understand Dutch?

German: Dutch. … The Levenshtein distance between written Dutch and German is 50.4% as opposed to 61.7% between English and Dutch. The spoken languages are much more difficult to understand for both. Studies show Dutch speakers have slightly less difficulty in understanding German speakers than vice versa.

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