Best answer: Is Indian diploma valid in Germany?

Is diploma accepted in Germany?

For prospective undergraduate students, a high-school diploma, school-leaving certificate or university entrance exam result is usually sufficient. … Usually, if your qualification would allow you entry into higher education in your home country, it will also be sufficient to allow you to apply to German universities.

Is Indian degree valid in Germany?

We contacted the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) who confirmed that providing proof from Anabin that your institution (Institution) and degree type (Abschlusstyp) is recognised in Germany is sufficient proof in almost all cases when applying for visas.

What is a diploma equivalent to in Germany?

According to World Education Services, a German Diplom is equivalent to having earned both U.S. bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Can I get a job in Germany after diploma?

Yes. After you have completed your studies you can stay in Germany while you are looking for a job. Students from non-EU and non-EEA countries who hold a residence permit can apply to have it extended for another 18 months while they search for a job in Germany.

Can I study in Germany with a high school diploma?

A US high school diploma alone does not allow you to study in Germany. … If you fulfil all requirements, your high school diploma qualifies you for the Studienkolleg (preparatory course) and the “Feststellungsprüfung” (university qualification exam).

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Can we do Masters after diploma in Germany?

Post-graduation opportunities with a German Master’s Degree

As German University certificates and diplomas are recognized internationally, you will be able to find great opportunities worldwide, if you do not want to continue living in Germany.

Can I work in Germany with a Indian degree?

An Indian who has completed Bachelor’s or Master’s from their own country or from Germany, can apply for a job seeker visa. You can also opt to study masters in Germany and after that you can extend your residence permit to find jobs in Germany by 18 months.

Is my degree valid in Germany?

Academic degrees can be recognised by the Central Office for Foreign Education (“Zenteralstelle für auländisches Bildungswesen” or ZAB). The ZAB maintains a database (anabin) where you can see whether your degree is recognised in Germany. You can directly apply for the recognition of your certificates at ZAB.

Is Germany a good place to study for Indian students?

So, if you are an Indian student exploring international study options, Germany can be your best bet. The country offers the ideal combination of free education, job opportunities, and high living standards. These qualities make it a sought-after destination for many international students.

What is diploma certificate in Germany?

An earlier, classical academic degree in Germany in certain subjects. An earlier, classical academic degree in Germany in the subjects of engineering, natural sciences and economics. “Diplom” courses are increasingly replaced by bachelor and master’s courses.

Is diploma equal to masters?

What does a Post Graduate Diploma mean? Postgraduate diplomas and certificates are equivalent to master’s degrees in terms of level of study, but they are shorter and do not require a dissertation. That is to say, they are more advanced than bachelor’s degrees at the undergraduate level.

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