Best answer: Do Germans pronounce V like w?

What countries pronounce V as w?

Germans can pronounce the English ‘v’ just fine, they happen to write it as ‘w’. So the freshman English learner from Germany will pronounce (using English orthography/pronunciation) ‘water’ as ‘vawter’.

Can w be pronounced as V?

It is usually pronounced /v/, but in some words of English origin it may be pronounced /w/. The letter was officially introduced in the Danish and Swedish alphabets as late as 1980 and 2006, respectively, despite having been in use for much longer.

Is V pronounced W in Norwegian?

The Norwegian and English letters compared

Norwegian letter English reference
w Like in «violin»
x Like – /ks/ in «tax»
y No equivalent
z Pronounced as /s/, cf. «zoom» – /su:m/

How do you say V in Turkish?

Many Turkish speakers I know tend to pronounce “v” more like “w”. Kavun can sound more like kawun, for example.

Why is w pronounced like V in German?

When the Germanic languages took the Latin alphabet they had to find a way to write the consonant [v] which didn’t exist in Latin at that point. So they took U and V and separated them. The Germanic languages started to write UU for the consonant [w], which later became our W.

Does German have the letter V?

The German language normally uses the letter “f” to indicate the sound /f/ (as used in the English word fight) and “w” to indicate the sound /v/ (as in victory). However, the letter “v” does occur in a large number of German words, where its pronunciation is /f/ in some, but /v/ in some other words.

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