Are Prussian or German ideas better eu4?

Should you form Germany as Prussia eu4?

Prussia forming Prussia changes your primery culture to Prussian, which can be problematic, and Germany doesn`t have any penalties for provinces with unaccepted germanic culture. So, eventually you want to form Germany.

How good is Prussia eu4?

It also exists in campaigns started in 1525 or later. Prussia is a powerful military state with strong morale, discipline and tradition; enough to ensure strong generals in commanding large armies, well-trained troops in aforementioned armies and good military rulers.


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Can you form Germany as Austria eu4?

Technically, Austria can create Germany so long as it stops being Austrian. You can sell any cored province to a vassal, so you’ll need to do that until you can culture-shift to something else (moving the capital is obviously a must).

How was Prussia so strong?

Under the strong leadership of a self-perpetuating general staff, the army brooked little interference in its affairs by the civil government. … Prussia’s reputation for military efficiency was reestablished by the army’s final victories over Napoleon.

Can Prussia be Hussite?

Hussite does not count for the formation of Prussia nor will it allow you to have Prussian Government.

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Does forming Prussia make you leave the HRE?

Yes, you can form Prussia and stay in the HRE.

How did Brandenburg become Prussia?

From 1815 to 1947, Brandenburg was a province of Prussia. Following the abolition of Prussia after World War II, Brandenburg was established as a state by the Soviet Military Administration in Germany, and became a state of the German Democratic Republic in 1949.


Can you form Germany as Bohemia?

Unfortunately you need to be one of the German cultures to form Germany (list at the end of this comment). Czech is West Slavic and is ineligible. So unless you can find a Germanic culture to convert to, you’ve lost your chance this run.

How do you become a revolutionary empire?

If you want to go revolutionary, just wait for 1750, then drop your stability by switching your native policy as many times as is necessary, then use placate rulers on your vassals until your prestige is below zero, and finally take out 25 loans. 50 months later, the revolution will start.