Wine blossom Germany

Wine blossom Germany

The end of June means the beginning of the incredible aroma in the vineyard – the wine blossoming has just started. The blooms are extremely small and sensitive. Warm, dry and less windy weather at this time of the year is important fora good wine year. In the vineyard, the winemaker will reduce the amount of blossoms on the vine and therefore reduce the future amount of grapes, following the rule: fewer grapes on the vine, the higher quality of the wine.culinary tours germany-work in the vinyard
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Even though the winemaker is busy in the vineyard, he also has a lot to do in the wine cellar. He not only has to check on his barrels daily, but he also has to bottle some of last year’s wine.  This is not an easy thing to do. He has to decide on the kind of bottle, the size of the bottle, the breech and finally the label, which is a very important marketing tool. So, when you are drinking a glass of wine at your next barbecue party, think about all the work it takes to produce it!

culinary tours germany- barbeque with wine oak

By the way, in the traditional German wine areas, many people often use the oak from the Riesling or Cabernet-Sauvignon barrels as coal for the barbecue.  The wine oak provides a unique and flavorful taste and lasts as long as the traditional beechwood, used to light the barbecue. So, at your next barbecue, enjoy a glass of wine and use vine wood to roast your meal, you will be surprised how the food and the wine match perfectly!

by Martina Kuhnert

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