Oktoberfest Munich

Oktoberfest Munich

Actually, the Oktoberfest in Munich takes place in September, it ends with the first October weekend – so if you plan to go, look at September!

History of the Octoberfest

It all started out with a horse race in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of  crown prince Ludwig and princess Theresia on a meadow outside of Munich. The crowd had some beer afterwards – you woulnd`t expect something else from the Bavarians – and just kept it going for the next three days.  To pay homage to the royal couple was the next year´s excuse for the Oktoberfest and in favour for better weather they moved the start without any further ado to mid September. The until then nameless meadow now is called Theresienwiese in honor to the princess, locals call it simple the Wiesn. 

Everyone wears Tracht in Munich



In the style of the original wedding celebration, people wear their Bavarian formalwear  –  Dirndl for women and lederhosen for men during the festival days in Munich and surrounding areas, so it´s the best time of the year to see all kinds of Trachten. Tracht shows who you are: insiders will see whether you`re rich or not, whether you`re married or single or just a tourist.

Wiesn beer

foodie map germany oktoberfest

foodie map germany trachtThe beer price raises up and is more discussed than the gas price during the Wiesn weeks and is only to justify with the stronger Wiesn beer, which you get only than and there. The six traditional breweries are only allowed: Augustiner, Paulaner, Löwenbräu, Spaten, Hacker, Pschorr and Hofbräu. My personal highlight is the tent owners and breweries parade with horse carts decorated with flowers, impressive beer wagons with garlands and big wooden barrels and the big brass bands – they carry the beer from the town brewery to the Wiesn on the opening day.


Do´s and don`ts at the Oktoberfest

  • to order: it´s “die Mass”, contains 1 liter beer, don`t ask for a small beer, makes a foul of you!
  • to pay: the entrance to the Wiesn and the tents is free, but if you don`t order and drink, they ask you to leave
  • to dance: dancing on the benches is tolerated, but don`t dance on the table!
  • to flirt: wears the girl the Dirndl bow on the left, she´s free – don`t try to flirt if the bow is on the right or middle – than she`s married or the waitress!
  • http://culinarytourgermany.com/germany-at-a-glance/bavaria/

by Martina Kuhnert


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