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In Europe, touriMartina Kuhnertsm tends to be mostly concentrated in a small number of regions and areas, which makes these areas costly and crowded – not a good premise for your culinary tour. If you don´t care for the selfie in front of the Brandenburger Tor and you have a little sense for adventure, this blog/map full of hidden gems, will become your bible while you stay in Germany.

What started as a blog, meant to keep my friends in Canada (where I lived for several years) updated about my new life in Italy, has now become a Foodie network – somehow. Somehow, because with living in Italy, I had the chance to develop my adventures palate and to follow my affinity for food. On this path, I found same-minded people and we have built a Foodie network, taking Foodies from all over the world to the best places in Italy´s culinary capital Bologna.

Travel and Food in Germany

But we also travel and write about food, mostly in Europe, so the blog grew and grew and now became a Foodie map for the better understanding of distances and locations in Europe. In our opinion, there’s no substitute for slow, independent travel and we hope our site will encourage you to explore not only the big cities, but also lesser known places in Germany. We gathered this information during many years of travelling and you will find our personal experience in every article, so don´t expect a neutral documentation.

We don´t name obvious places (like 5* hotels and restaurants) – you will find them in every guide and tourist info, and we don´t list average or disappointing places.

Most important: this is my personal “best off” foodie map Germany, not a random collection and no paid articles!

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  1. A super website that motivates me to visit small but special places, thank you. I agree in slower, independent tourism, away from the crowds. Thank you.