Mundraub – harvest time for Foodies

Mundraub – harvest time for Foodies

Mundraub – free-to-pick fruit trees

You like to cook jam and don`t have a garden? You own a tree and don`t have time to harvest?

It´s a big social project –  we all remember ownerless fruit trees from our childhood days, right? The apple tree on the way back home from school, the cherry tree beside the bike path or the wild black berry hedge in the old vineyard. Trees, which no one seems to own and everyone was allowed  to pick from. I remember many summer afternoons, when we were sent out to pick up the apples, plums etc. and my Mom and Grandma made jam and Kompott with it.

Now, that we are at that age to send out our kids to pick fruits, we usually don`t still live in the same area, we live in town  and naturally don`t know about these special places, eventhough they still exist. Here the project Mundraub jumps in: people who own a tree but don`t have time to harvest, list it on the map and people who love to cook jam, but don`t have a garden, have the chance to go and get the fruits. So you think you are a Foodie?

by Martina Kuhnert

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