Germany north – Foodie tour Flensburg

Germany north – Foodie tour Flensburg

Flensburg is Germany’s rum-town, which results from the time when Flensburg belonged to the kingdom of Denmark – in the 18th century Flensburg was besides Copenhagen and Altona one of the most important trade harbours of the Westindia fleet. The sail ships brought sugar and rum from the colonies in the caribian sea and during the high time there were more than 200 rum distilleries in town, today you find only two remaining, Braasch and Johannsen. Don’t miss to enter the shop and taste the house specialty!

food tour northern germany, flensburg rum
Flensburg is famous for rum – don’t miss to visit one of the rum distilleries!

Flensburger Pils (nick name Flens) is a known brand and it’s one of the most astringent beers in Germany, comes traditionally with the plopp lid. In most of northern Germany’s pubs and restaurants you will get Flensburger Pils, just recently the craft beer company Urstrom  came up. For a beer tasting you should visit the local brewery pub Hansen at the Förde.

food tour germany, flensburg

The surrounding farmland produces excellent meat and fruits and so you find many farm shops/cafes with homemade products beside the road, a first class distillery in Dollerup, the historic farm house and windmill museum in Unewatt and the white castle of Glücksburg.

by Martina Kuhnert

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