Germany north – Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck, Flensburg

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Germany north

The true north Hamburg, Lüneburg, Lübeck, Flensburg

The one and only big city in Germany`s north is Hamburg. The smaller cities compete amongst each other: for being the second Kiel and Bremen, for being the jewel Lunenburg and Lübeck and for being the richest Kiel and Lunenburg. If you arrive from abroad to the north, your airport will be Hamburg and most train connections go via Hamburg, so I suggest to stop over for a night or two and go to the Reeperbahn, the harbor and sit at the Alster etc

culinary map germany, TravemündeThe North stretches from Germany’s North Sea to the Baltic sea coastline, a landscape to savour the salt-laden breeze and smoked fish, but also includes the hilly lake region around Plön and the Luneburger heath. The climate is more rough than in other German regions and  even though people from here sometimes sarcastically  say “summer is, when we drink our Grog (hot tea with rum) outside”, it´s a popular holiday region.

Moin moin – the people in the north

Local dialect: Moin moin means „hello“, typical greeting for the people here in the northern part of Germany. A translation of the „moin moin“ would be : Hello, how are you doing? Not that the people from northern Germany are known for their small talk capability – you could even call them taciturn. But they are hearty and humorous, just talking seems to be a waste of time to them.

Möwi noch een? you might hear that in a brewery pub, it means “let´s have another beer” or, if the waiter asks,  “do you want another beer”?

Food in the north of Germany

Crabs from the northern sea, smoked eel, Labskaus, Kale with meat, Marzipan

Drinks in the north of Germany

Flensburger Pils, Jever Pils, Urstrom beer, Schnaps, Grog (hot tea with rum)

Cities in the north: Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel, Flensburg, Lübeck, Travemünde, Lüneburg, Uelzen, Plön, Hannover, Celle,

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Foodie map northern Germany

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