Eastern Germany – Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden

cuinary map germany, brandenburger tor Berlin
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

Travel and food eastern Germany

From the Baltic sea to the forrest in Thuringen, the east has lots to offer and the fact, that it was behind the iron curtain for 40 years, makes it even more interesting.

The Lakeland of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

is located between the Baltic sea and Berlin. With a network of over a thousand lakes and waterways, it is a well-established recreational area. Farmland, forests, lakes and small villages is all you see, perfect for biking or boating. All kinds of fish dishes, but also game is often to find on the menu.

Berlin, surrounded by the Spreewald

is worth a visit by itself. The metropole has many faces and even a week is not enough time to see them all. Beside famous and fancy (and expensive) restaurants you find a many affordable and etnic places, you can eat around the world within one district! In fact, every district is like a town on its own! The typical beer Berliner Weisse is not everyones cup of tea, but you should give it a try, same with the cucumbers from the Spreewald (Spreewald Gurken).

culinary map germany, LeipzigThuringia, Saxony, Brandenburg

have a  long and rich history, which you still can see in the carefully restored historic centers. Culinary delights have been an important part of the Saxon lifestyle at least since the Baroque ages when Augustus the Strong celebrated his legendary feasts.

Special dishes in eastern Germany

Dresdner Christmas Stollen, Leipziger Allerlei, Thueringer sausage

 Beer: Berliner Weisse, Leipziger Gose

Cities in the east: Rostock, Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar

Foodie map eastern Germany

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