Germany west – Cologne, Mainz, Frankfurt

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Rhine, Moselle, Ahr

The west includes the lovingly bending river valleys of the Rhine, Moselle and Ahr, but also Europe`s biggest chemistry region. The left hand part of the Rhine is heavy influenced by France (was under French protection for almost 200 years), and you find reminiscences in the language, the food and the style of life.  Traveling along the Rhine, the transport route since Roman times, is the best way to explore the area. This 2000 years old cultural landscape is full with historic sites: ancient Roman town walls, mediaval fortresses and renaissance castles, not to mention the excellent wine and beer tradition.

Food in western Germany

Himmel un Ääd, Reibekuchen, Flammkuchen


Kölsch, Alt

Cities in the west: Bonn, Cologne, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt

Itineraries: Ahr valley, Moselle valley, Rhine valley

Foodie map western Germany

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