Germany south, Bavaria

culinary map germany, bavaria

Germany south Bavaria

Bavaria is a country in itself, (actually was a kingdom till 1870) and stretches all the way from the Alps practically up to Frankfurt. Bavaria has its own north and south:

– Franconia in the north

– Black forrest in the west

– Oberbayern with Munich and the lakes in the south

Connecting north and south is the Romantic Road, which starts in Würzburg and travels through some of Germany prettiest towns and villages to end up in Füssen, but don`t expect to be the only one on the Romantic Road, it`s kind of touristy.

Another way to travel through Bavaria is to follow the river Danube or, if you look for smaller itineraries, you follow one of the beer- or wine routes.

culinary map germany, franconiaFranconia

Franconia splits into the wine dominated area around Würzburg and along the river Main and the beer area around Nürnberg and Munich. You find an enchanting landscape with wine hills and small towns at the river Main, town walls, cobble stone streets and small wineries. The more south you get, the higher the mountains are, breweries substitute the wineries and beer gardens dominate the culinary landscape.

Cities in Franconia: Würzburg, Nürnberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Coburg

Food in Frankconia

Nürnberger sausages, Nürnberger gingerbread (Lebkuchen) Rothenburger Schneeballen, Obatzter (smashed cheese with wine), Schäufele (pig shoulder with crust, served with dumplings and sauce)

Beer: Bamberger Rauchbier

Itineraries: Nürnberg – Bamberg – Coburg, Franconia wine tour

Black Forrest

The long low range of mountains known as the Black Forest runs for some 200km north to south along the border with France. Like the name suggests, the area is covered with forest and its mountainous topography has prevented industrialization, so traditional villages and customs made it into the 21rst century.

Cities in the Black Forrest: Freudenstadt, Freiburg im Breisgau

Food in the Black Forrest

Schwarzwälder Schinken, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

culinary map germany, trachtOberbayern – mia san mia

When you think of Bavaria, you think of people in Tracht (Dirndl and letherpants), huge beer “Seidl” and the Alps, right? So this is the area, where you actual find these traditions. During the Oktoberfest all of Bavaria will wear Tracht, also on Sundays in church and during local celebrations you will see people with a traditional Dirndl or letherpants. The Alps make a perfect setting, you will find a church and a beer garden in every small village and people speak a language, not even Germans would understand, they call it bayrisch (Bavarian dialect). Here people identify with tradition even more and express themself in the sentence mia san mia, which means we are we, just special and not to compare.

Food in Bavaria

Weisswurst, Brezel, Leberkäse, Haxn

Beer in Bavaria

Weizenbier, Pils

Cities in Oberbayern: Munich, Passau, Constanz, Augsburg, Garmisch-Patenkirchen

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