German Foodie festival 2016

German Foodie festival 2016

Food Festival Germany 2016

There are Foodie festivals and traditional food related events.

I stay away from Foodie festivals since it’s a overstated, commercial organized event, gathering Michelin chefs and food journalists for profit purposes.

What I love are the local events, organized by the town/village, where people of the area gather and indulge in local food and beer/wine, paired with tradition and culture. Depending on the area these events are called Weinfest, Kirmes, Kärwa, Kirchweih or Bierfest, locals proudly present their town with music events and food stalls, often crowned by selecting a wine queen and a festive parade though town.

Since these events are local and not advertised, you won’t have a chance to get to know about it in advance to include it in your itinerary, so I list my favorite traditional food events  in my Foodie map Germany.

Food festival map Germany

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by Martina Kuhnert





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