Foodie tour Holstein Switzerland

Foodie tour Holstein Switzerland

The 5 lakes countryside

culinary tour germany, Holstein Switzerland, Castle in Plön

Tucked between the maritime cities of Lübeck and Kiel, this landscape of woodlands, open pastures, lakes and gentle hills was left as remnants of Europe’s last Ice Age. Farm houses, alleys, castles, deciduous woodlands – what else do you need for your culinary roadtrip?  In the heart of the region you find the cities of Plön and Eutin, both built in medieval times and boasting with a castle each.

While the castle of Eutin is build behind a moat and surrounded by a lovely park, the castle of Plön is build on a hill above the lake and clearly visible from a distance.

Culinary gems in Holstein Switzerland

This area is perfect for biking or canoeing, but if you are not that sportive or simply don´t have the time, it´s also beautiful to sit in one of the café´s /restaurants and enjoy the local cuisine, which is famous for  fish and smoked ham. The dishes are traditional rustic and rather heavy, made with local ingredients from lake and forest – it´s not far from the star restaurant Stolz in Plön to a Fischbrötchen (bun roll with fish) at the lake. The people from here use to drink Schnaps after the meal, preferably Ostholsteiner, made with the soft water from the Ice age.

culinary tour germany, Holstein Schwitzerland, Lake Plön

Foodie tour between Eutin and Plön

You will need a car to discover this area, even though the distances aren´t big – a car ride of 20 minutes takes you to the next town.
myculinarymap, Strauers hotel at the lake, bosau

Hotel: A culinary gem and place of tranquility is Strauers hotel in Bosau, one of the hidden gems I´m always looking for. Located right at the lake, the restaurant combines lake view with authentic, fresh cooked menus by using local and seasonal ingredients. Hotel guests are invited to use the hotel own landing stage to jump into the lake, during the cold season the sauna and indoor pool are a nice substitute. Great base to discover the area, Plön and Eutin are close by (30 min by car)


Strauers Hotel, Geroldsdamm 2-6, Bosau, phone 04527 – 99 40


plönLocated right at Lake Plön you find a cute town, but the main attraction is the white castle on the hill, visible from far away. Even if you aren´t into museums, the park with lake view is a “must”!

Lunch: A few meters downhill the castle you get to the  Alte Schwimmhalle, a restaurant which offers every day a fixed menu for 7 euros, but also a regular menu with local dishes.

Alte Schwimmhalle, Schlossgebiet 1, Plön, phone 04522 – 59 36 30


culinary tours germany restaurant stolz plön


Dinner: Restaurant Stolz, located at the market square in Plön, is one of the best restaurants in the area. Local, fresh and homemade, nice outdoor sitting area.

Markt 24, 24306 Plön, phone +49 (0) 4522 503 20




myculinarymap, historic gardenery cafe close to the castle plönCoffee: If you are a fan of homemade cakes, the Alte Schlossgärtnerei in Plön is your place. Not easy to find, you have to cross the nursery to get to the café, the large sundeck is overlooking the lake and you get a daily changing sortiment of homemade cakes, absolutely delicious. On the way from the castle down to the lake, you will pass the entrance, marked very modest with the sign “coffee and cake”. When you walk in, it looks like a nursery and in fact, it is a nursery. But this one is a Cafe at the same time, a Cafe with homemade cake.

Alte Schlossgärtnerei, Schlossgebiet 9a, Plön,


Beer and snamyculinarymap, brewery pub at the market place in eutincks: local brewed beer you get at the brewery at the market place in Eutin, you can even watch the production process and buy a refill bottle. They offer three different kinds: dark and malty, pale and mild, pale and bitter, you can try it first, nice outdoor sitting area.

Brauhaus Eutin, Markt 11



 Windmill in Eutin

culinary tour germany windmill eutin

The historic windmill in Eutin, now a restaurant with beer garden and old style/romantic pub, is located on a hill and offers a nice view.  The food is rustic and typical for the area, the staff very nice and attentive,

Alte Mühle, Mühlenweg 5, Eutin


by Martina Kuhnert

Foodie map Holstein Switzerland

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