Food box vs travel for Food

Food box vs travel for Food

A box full of delicacies, send to your home, accompanied by a colorful journal which describes every item, how exiting is that?

When the first boxes arrived, I was exited like a little girl on Christmas Eve and got completely lost in unpacking, reading about the manufactories and going through the recommended recipes. I waited impatiently for the arrival of the next box, started to follow the recipes and surprised my family with unusual dishes, in cases I used foodie box items for a giveaway – all that for 25 euros per month, what a delight!

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But then came the day, when one of my sons found me unpacking the new box in the kitchen, he noted my excitement and said: well Mum, that´s great, now you don`t have to go to all these places and collect local food items anymore, you get delivered it home! And I was like:


And by thinking it over, it became clear to me: these little Foodie items from the box addressed to my travel-for-food- sense, they kind of substituted my field trips to Foodie places in times, when I could`t travel as much as I would have liked to. But do I really want to substitute my Foodie trips? NOT AT ALL !

I rather travel for food!

I also realized that after a while I didn`t really remember the exact items, it was like: there was a chutney in the box, something unusual, onions or ginger or something else? It came from – I can´t remember, was it southern France or Italy? Completely different when I go for a food trip: I know exactly where it comes from, who made it, how he/she made it and how to use it – I`m connected to the place, the product and the producer and last but not least, I take pictures and samples home. And this is how it´s supposed to be!

To summarize my Foodist experience: on the first sight it’s a great idea and I fell for it. But in the end I realized, it doesn`t make sense to send boxes with small samples from all over Europe around the globe – the true food experience can only be: to go to the place, to meet the people, to eat the local food and to bring foodie souvenirs back home!

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