Dating analog – Bridegroom’s oak

Dating analog – Bridegroom’s oak

This oak is not only a tree, it’s a kind of old-fashioned dating portal, a relic from once upon a time.

Of course the story started with a romance – in the year 1891, the son of the wealthy chocolate producer Schütte-Felsche from Leipzig fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the Forrest ranger. The ranger disapproved this connection, so they had no other choice than exchanging love letters in the knothole of the tree for a long time. In the end, he gave up his resistance and they got the permission to marry – sure enough the wedding took place under the tree.

Since Eutin was a popular health resort at this time, visitors who heard about the story, started to write letters to the tree, the local postman liked the idea of a dating portal and delivered the letters. Today, round about 40 letters reach the oak per day and people from all over the world come here to find a loving partner. Golden rule: the letter has to be put back if you are not interested! Postal address: Bräutigamseiche, Dodau 99, 23701 Eutin

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The 500 years old oak was even famous before all this happened: legend tells, the son of a Celtic Duke got captured by robbers and a Christian girl found him tied up at  a tree and freed him. As a sign of thankfulness, he planted the oak and in remembrance of this, every year at Pentecost the local church community celebrates a festive service at the oak.



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