Off the beaten path Christmas markets in Germany

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It doesn`t take much to figure that Nuremberg, Aachen and Dresden have big and wonderful Christmas markets and Foodie delights like Nuremberger Lebkuchen, Aachener Printen and Dresdner Christstollen made it around the world. But going there might be disillusive for the traveler who expects candle light and carol singers: the markets were designed in times, when the town was only half of its size and now the streets are packed, hotel prices raise and without  bookingculinary tour Germany, food tour germany, special christmas markets Germany in advance you won`t find a table in one of the traditional restaurants.

This is why I prefer the small markets, where only the locals go, where you actually get products from local producers – I really don’t see the point in eating Nuremberger sausage in Hamburg or Rothenburger Snowballs in Cologne – I rather give the local food a try, even though it might be widely unknown – Foodies are always curious!

The thing with these small markets is, only locals know about it and you won’t find it in travel guides or online and on no account in English. So I listed the markets I know – no claim to present a complete list!

If not other mentioned, the markets are only open from the end of November to December 24th



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